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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mother's Day tea

Caleb had a Mother's Day tea at his school. It was a special time for me to spend quality time with just him. Can't believe how much he has grown up.

Outdoor Play

We got Parker a new bike since his other one was getting too small for him. Then we were able to put the training wheels back on the small one for Caleb to ride. Caleb figured it out right away and loved chasing his big brother up and down the road.

 We also installed a basketball hoop for the boys. Parker has been asking to get one so he can practice. He loved playing basketball this year in gym . We are going to sign him up for basketball this fall.

We took a family picture for a poster that we had to make for Parker's school project called "About Me".


Every year it gets more fun with the Holidays. Easter for the boys was wonderful. We started out with getting their baskets first thing and then went to church for an awesome service that I made my sweet breads for the refreshments. We then had a great lunch at home and then their easter egg hunt.

 The boys were anxious to get outside. David was planting the eggs all over the yard. So they set up their loves and pillows by the front door to watch and wait.
 The only Easter picture of the boys that I could get.

Caleb's art auction program

We attended Caleb's art auction at his school. He wasn't happy about having to get up on stage to sing. He wanted me to come up there. I don't think so. Oh well he finally calmed down and started to enjoy the songs that they have learned this year.

Spring Break- Part 3

Caleb and Grandma buried Parker next to Will. It was so fun to watch them do this. Use sisters used to do this on the beach in Michigan when we were younger. Now we get to Make memories with our kids.

 Parker and his best bud Will.
 Will and Parker having fun in the sand.
Caleb was getting the hang of swimming again this year. He loved the pool.

The Blue Angels- Spring Break

While on Spring Break we went to see the Blue Angels air show and walk around the old airplanes. A pure boys haven. It was a lot of fun and exhausting by the end of it.

 They were so amazed at how big and up close they were to these airplanes.

Spring Break Part 1

Boys using our iPads. Yes that is right, they know how to use them very well. Can't believe that a 2 year old can do it. But it keeps them entertained.

 Boys on the Beach, they loved it.

 Parker learning to boogie board. He did so good and loved every minute of it.

 David and Parker having fun riding the waves.
 David trying to get Caleb out there, but he didn't do it.
 Parker taking a break under my umbrella. So glad I had one this year with our chairs. My fair skin can only take so much of the sun.
My sweet baby, not a baby anymore.